Stolen Bikes!!!..
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Thread: Stolen Bikes!!!..

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    Stolen Bikes!!!..

    I was out at Holeshots the other day and as i was leavin this dude was like, " Hey man, you lookin for a bike" and im like "maybe, sorta kinda" and hes like, well, i need to file for divorce and i have a 2000 ZX9R and 2003 R6 ill sell em both to you for $8000.

    The first thing that came to mind..STOLEN

    ZX9R is the Goldy Oarnge with Black and the R6 is blue

    I didnt see him get into a car or anything, but he was about 6'1'', 180 lbs, hockey hair..

    Just a heads up
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    OH YEAH!
    u have his contacts number or something?
    if we know where he has the bikes, maybe then we can report it and cops may go check it out....

    but then again....cops probably rather stay at Tim Horton

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    Wow, what a good deal...

    Here's another:
    CBR600RR $5,589.00
    999 $11,501.00
    ZX12R $7,149.00
    All US prices, shipped from England.

    But wait, let's check the FAQ section:

    Q: Do you have a contact phone number?
    A: Yes, we have but we decided not to list it since we do not have the staff to answer it 24/7. In case you want to speak with one of our representants just give us your number and the right time to call, someone will call you.

    Huh? Sounds fishy but...

    Q: Do your motor prices include controls, gauges and props?
    A: No, all rigging accessories are purchased separately.

    From what I can tell, they are selling motors, only!

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    not always. Sounds fishy, but I remember last spring an 03 R6 (edit:Kamui is right, it was a YZF 600r) for $1500. Apparently a divrced wife made sure to get it out of the settlement and sold cheap just to piss of her ex husband. That was in northern BC.

    And some stripper was selling an 600RR last fall/spring for less than $6000. Bill bought it and I never forgave him. She just wanted to sell it quick before going on a trip...
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    it was an 03 yzf600r, not an r6
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