Motorola V300 for rogers
MINT no scratches
10 hours on lifetimer
box and manuals
1 year warranty
10 games on phone splinter cell,tetris, tony hawk etc.
10 new ringtones hip hop etc.
lots of wallpapers

package includes:
Black Louis Vuitton housing/faceplate ($25)
Short stubby silver antenna ($20)
Clear plastic/screen protecter case with belt clip ($5)
Black neoprene foam pouch ($30)
Car charger ($12)
Handsfree ($10)
USB Cable and Drivers Disk ($20) Over 100 games, ringtones and wallpapers you can upload on the disk
OEM housing
OEM antenna
OEM Travel Charger

$350 w/everything
$320 w/o USB cable and car charger
trades welcome