The valley boyz are getting together to watch the MotoGP at 11:00am on Sunday May 02.04 at Stella's in Mission. So far there are about 15 of us.

Then after the races and since we already out of town, we will head out for a ride.

See the thread: "Sunday ride after MotoGP@Stellas (Mission)" in the "I'm going for as ride, you coming?"

How to get to Stella's (from Vancouver on Sunday morning allow 1.15 min). Arrive before 11:00am... !! (10:45 ish is good)


1) Head out the hwy towards Abby and take the Sumas exit but instead of going south towards the border go north (right from the exit) towards Abby & Mission.

2) continue straight through some lights and down a long hill to a T intersection (hwy 11) where you hang a right (North towards Mission) and proceed across the valley floor.

3) continue on (past a couple of sets of lights) and you will cross be on the Mission Frazer River bridge. Take your first exit (immediatley on the right) into Mission's industrial area where upon you will come to another T intersection.

4) hang a left (again towards Mission) and go straight through the lights. Stella's is on your right.

7230 Horne street
Mission, BC 604.826.4444