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Thread: gas mileage problem

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    gas mileage problem

    ive got a 92 gixxer, and i think im having a problem with my gas mileage, im only getting like 160k's to a like 16-17 litre tank. And a buddy of mine has a 1200cc bike and he gets better than my 750. What should i look at to increase my mileage? oh and im not riding it that hard. And this is mostly highway k's and i drive at like 5000 rpm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playboy
    i drive at like 5000 rpm.
    do you mean you always rydn it to 5000rpm ? , if so , thats the problem , too low gear .correct me if i am wrong

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    Check tire pressure ????
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    Pull your spark plugs and inspect them...they should be a light tan ..brown color on the electrodes. if they are black and carbon build up your running too rich....dirty air filter will also cause poor fuel mileage..... have your valves been adjusted ?....its a 12 year old bike ...not sure what kinda maintenance has been done ...but this would be a start for ya...I have a 98 Gix 750 with fuel injection and I get 180-190 Klms per tank ...and I dont drive around at 5 grand..I usually run 6 to 10 G's ... dont lug your motor rev it up ....Good luck I hope you dont have any costly problems !!

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