Looking for a room mate in Van
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Thread: Looking for a room mate in Van

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    Looking for a room mate in Van

    I'm moving to the east van/burnaby boundry general area June 1'st and looking for a nice place and a cool room mate. Moving from kits (Damm, I'm going to miss the beach). I'm looking for someplace with a secure place to park the bike, and decent sq. footage. Secure bike parking is paramount because I take off for 2 weeks at a time for work, and I figure a room mate would be cool just to have someone at the place while I'm gone. Guy or girl not a issue. If you have a place in that general area and are looking for a room mate or want to move to that area, let me know and I'll give ya all my info. But for now, I'm 21, work full time, and ride when I'm not working.
    Email me at jameselliott@shaw.ca or give me a PM.
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    ill need a room mate in july if that would work. i have a sweet place set up but they want me in for june which wouldnt work. But i will forsure need one in july.

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