Anyone want to buy my used 2000 RC51 stock wheels? Stock black five spokes. I've been using them as my track rims which had slicks, but I am retiring the bike from track days so I now have no use for them. They have had about 8 different sets of tires on them over the lifetime so they have nicks along the rim edge from numerous heavy handed tire changes.

Retail new at my price each at $800+. I'm looking for $500CDN each or buy the pair for $900obo (and a bottle of whiskey/scotch, sorry, I don't drink beer otherwise it would be a six pack). I've seen used rims on ebay for $500USD six months ago. I'm just too lazy to go post it through e-bay... make me a reasonable offer so that I can sell it to a crazy canuck instead... :-)

Spacers, hub and rotors are not included...

you can e-mail me at ""