Tailfluff is riding...
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    Tailfluff is riding...

    Yup....move over.....stay out of her way......and stay off the sidewalks. We picked up a YZF600R to play with. Every chance we get we are out riding so no time is really safe.

    All kidding aside she is doing really well. It is nice when she phones me at work and says that the rain has stopped come home so we can go for a ride.

    Now I will have to share my motorcycle bling money.

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    sounds like fun. i wanna get my wife a bike cause she wants to ride so we're gonna look for something for her.
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    you have bling money? how can I get a peice of that pie?

    Haha, Have fun you two, see you Tuesday!
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    Way to go. That's great. We need another rider for the group. But Len, now you won't be able to tell all those stories about her.

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    Glad to hear she's finally on the road. Pretty soon she'll be leaving your ass behind, Len!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider
    Glad to hear she's finally on the road. Pretty soon she'll be leaving your ass behind, Len!
    That's why I got her a 600. I least I can catch up in the straights

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