Winners of R.M.S dyno day
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Thread: Winners of R.M.S dyno day

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    Winners of R.M.S dyno day

    Thanks to everyone for coming out to the sale and dyno day. Even though we had some problems with the dyno, it was an overall success and we hope to do it again soon. (there are still a few more manufacturers to have demo days, although no dates are set. We also had a small problem with the amount of info. gathered for the people that entered and won the contests, we did not get full names or phone #'s. I am hoping that you guys can help us locate the winners, descriptions are as follows:

    ** on an '04 R1 with akrapovic slip-on,(first or last name Robisen or
    something like that), with an overall reading of 155.4 h.p.
    ** on an '03 ZX636 with a K&N filter,(first or last name kyllonen), with
    overall reading of 102.8 h.p.
    ** on a '91 RGV250 with a full system(first or last name WOO or WOU),
    with an overall reading of 55.6 h.p.
    if anyone knows any of these people could you please let them know and tell them to come down with a copy of their dyno read out to collect their prizes.
    Chris @ R.M.S.

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    OH YEAH!
    What did they win?
    the 91 RGV250 is Ian = Sparky on BCSB

    BCSB # 908

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    zx636 Chris kylonin PM me for his phone #

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    WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO I got the Slowest bike in Vancouver hahahaha!

    what did I win?

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    I think I met the owner of the R1/Akro at 5thgear on Saturday morning, I told him about the Dyno Day and he decided to ride out to Richmond. Bill do you know his name?

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    I have contacted all the winners now so thanks for the help everyone.

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