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    Catalytic converter replacement

    My car 96 2.5 TL failed aircare (carbon monoxide level just over the limit) and after getting diagnosed it turned out the cat converter is faulty. The Acura dealer quoted me over $1600 genuine part + labor. I searched on google but found all US sites. Obviously the next thing to do is call muffler place such as Midas etc., so that's what I'll do tomorrow. Anybody here knows where I can get OEM converter locally? And what do you do when the repair/part replacement on 1 item is over the repair limit, which is $600 in my case?


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    I have a 98 Acura Integra and it barely failed AirCare. When I bought the car, I had a used car book that outlined "hidden" warranties. I knew the Catalytic Converter was covered under such a warranty. I think it was supposed to be good for 7 years. So for me, it will be free.

    If I were you, I would try to find out if you are covered by the manufacturer.

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    how come my 1986 944t with original cat and 140,000 MILES passed aircare without a hitch? (Actually it scored significantly below the average emissions levels!!)

    Heres two tricks for aircare:

    1: Change your O2 sensor. They are actually designed to be changed every 15,000miles. Their condition will directly affect your gas mileage and cat efficiency.

    2: Drive the living snot out of your car before pulling into the aircare station. A HOT cat is more efficient than a cold one!

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    usually, you can only get OEM parts right from the dealership where the vehicle is from. if you go to other repair shops, they'll offer you one of their own brands, which is sometimes better than OEM. if you really want to save $$$, look for the part on EBAY or buy it locally and then install it yourself. it's not very difficult, as long as you have the necessary tools.

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