Cheap or cheaper flights from Vancouver
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Thread: Cheap or cheaper flights from Vancouver

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    Cheap or cheaper flights from Vancouver

    Thinking of planning a two weeker to England in September or November and wondering if anybody knows where the best place to look for tickets on-line or if any one knows a really good travel agent. Going to hopefull spend about 2 weeks with some friends relatives and do some heavy oh yeah and see the eiffel tower...crap wrong country, I think I am drunk now .
    Anyways any sort of tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Ride Safe!!!

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    try from the states as well.
    you would be surprised at the deals flying out of seatle.

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    yz250f they have flights to London starting at 479$ (tax not included) theres a few around town or look on thier site.

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    '97 F3 can have some pretty good deals.
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    Travelocity or expedia are good options. they both have very similar prices but i find travelocity to be more user friendly. It seems that if you want to book on line for a two week period with specific dates in mind (don't know if you have to book work off or not) you should start looking now! 3 to 4 months prior departurs seems to get the most reasonable prices with relitively few blackouts. The cheepest way however, is to wait 2 to 4 weeks prior departure and try to grab the "great deals".... 600 canadian + tax is a good deal. 450$ flights are far and few between. try to be flexable with your dates... you can save $. Also, when flying in london gatwick is generally a good 150 to 200 bucks cheeper than when flying into heathrow. something to keep in mind. ps. if going to see paris.... book flight as soon as you know your dates on RYANAIR. expect to pay ruffly 50 euros (70$) return from gatwick or stansted (both london) if you were to book within the next couple months for the fall. very cheep. the chunnel with run you over 80 pounds (180$)return!! I just got back a couple of months ago. oh, and youv probably heard it before but england is extremely expensive! espesually london! have a great time!

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    your grammar sucks.

    Seems like you had too many beers.

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