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    Question 2005 Yamaha R6

    I was wondering if anyone has heard any decent rumors or have seen any websites with info of the upcoming '05 R6. I have read a couple little tidbits that it will resemble the 04 R1.

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    I'd say it was a 'slam dunk' that the next R-6 will have an under seat exhaust, since that seems to be the current rage in sport bikes at the moment. I'm not sure that under seat exhausts are really that great an idea.........considering you are sitting directly above the hottest part of the bike! I can't believe they would actually flow better than a regular exhaust system with the extra turns and bends in the exhaust plumbing................more of a style issue than a performance one.
    With our perpetual shitty weather in Edmonton, most of could use a bike that warms your 'buns' though!

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    i would really like to see inverted forks, radially mounted calipers and a radial master cylinder... that would be really sweet!

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    why do people wait for trick things to come out on factory bikes ,when they have been avail on other bikes for years ,,grab some tools and make your own bike i say ! call em frankenstiens ,or hybrids ,but everybike i have ,has components of toher bikes i like installed on them ,,its easy ,cheap ,and you'll have something no one else has ,,would you rather have a 2005 cookie cutter bike ,or a 1/4 the price or a 99 or older somthing with the same tech ,and better all around ,,maybe its me ,,but if i see what i'm riding in the same parking lot next to me ,,i dont want it .

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    The 05' is a better basis to start the modding from. And if you plan on leavint eh bike stock then you dont need to worrie.
    Not everyone wants to modify the bike, some just like to ride it. (im not one of those, modding is a big part of having the bike).

    I hav heared that is will have inverted forks, new brakes, pointed nose section like the R1 different tail section, underseat exhaust (basicly a small R1)

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    i cant fuckin stand it how everyone is going undertail exhaust. ill cry if suzuki does it

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    Heard there are some pics floating around the net i'll post em if i can find em

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    I know it's not what you are asking for, but here is what MCN says the 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R will look like. Clearly a photoshop of a current ZX-6R and a ZX-10R.

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