Breaking in new bike
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Thread: Breaking in new bike

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    Breaking in new bike

    Just bought my first bike yesterday just wondering what your guys opinions are on breaking in the bike. Its an 04 suzuki gs 500f. I have heard a few different things, the dealer said to take it easy and not rev past 5000rpm till i reach 500km then 7000rpm until 1000km then to go nuts. From some other people i am hearing that i should rev it to the redline a few times once i get it. What do you guys think ? Anyone else on here have this bike, just wondering how you like it? Also i would like to say thanks to S&V motorcycle world in surrey for giving me an awesome deal on the bike and all the gear, good bunch of guys there!! Thanks

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    There have been quite a few threads on the subject of break-in procedure and everyone gets all cunty whenever the subject is brought up. Maybe try doing a search in the Tech&Mods forum.

    Congrats on the new bike!!!

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    seriosuly ......... it WILL tell you what rpm you cant excede (sp?) and for how long and listen they wrote guidelines for a reason

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    Yea, form your own opinions dude after doing your homework.
    Oil's and breakins are hot topics when it comes to bike tech.
    If you want to know, I use Mobil1 15x50 racing oil and I break all my vehicles in systematically (not going to redline necessarly).

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