In case any of y'all were planning a trip to check out Stratotech Park anytime this summer, this may be some shitty news. It looks like trackdays for racers are still open (at only $75/day) but the Steen Hansen trackdays for streetrdiers & racers have been cancelled:


Date: May 6, 2004

On Friday Steen Hansen’s Motorcycle Track Days received an email explaining that Stratotech Park has decided to host its own motorcycle test and tune days at a surprisingly low rate of only $75.00 per rider, and $35.00 per evening for Motards (dirt bikes with street tires) Although this is very exciting news or the racing community, only racers can attend.

The Stratotech Park refuses to give our 400 plus track day members any discount on track rental fees. In fact our events has been facing steady increases over the past two years. The track rental fees have increased by $900.00 per event causing the ticket price for an individual track day to go from $150.00 to $175.00 per rider. Our sponsors, our riders and ACME Racing Promotions find this $100.00 per rider difference too steep and unacceptable. If the track can all of a sudden be rented out at $75.00 per rider then it should be rented out to all parties at the same price. Due to this extreme difference in track rental fees and operating on an unfair playing field we do not wish to continue doing business with Stratotech Park.

With this in mind all of the Steen Hansen's Motorcycle Track Days at Stratotech Park for the 2004 season have been cancelled. Our events have been offering street riders and racers a safe place to practice riding skills. Our take it to the track philosophy has educated and protected hundreds and hundreds of riders. We apologize for any inconvenience but feel that this decision has been forced upon us and is totally out of our hands.
It almost feels like they've been talking to the guys that run Mission.