With all this clutch fluid talk going on,I thought I would flush and bleed the fluid as it was a little dark in colour.
This is something you do when you have lots of time,can`t be rushed,you don`t want to risk spilling brake fluid on the paint .
There were some bubbles that came out but I allowed the reservoir to get too low and it sucked in some air .So I kept flushing(opening the nipple and keeping it open while you`re pumping the lever until the level gets low then close the nipple) as opposed to bleeding(where you pump the lever a few times to build pressure then crack open the nipple,watching for bubbles-I use aquarium air line-then close the nipple when the lever gets close to the bar) and now its clear with no bubbles.I have aquired a pumped left forearm though .I went through 100ml of fluid(4 ounces) during this procedure( a little less than a third of a can of pop).Too easy..................ken