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    long ride today...

    Well not in distance much but being a beginner I still get sore from being in the saddle for more than an hour. Today I went to Burnaby to take the MST. I know I rode there against restrictions but hey, who has someone to follow them any way? So I get there and there's a sign on the door that says "Due to instructor training we will not be conducting motorcycle skills tests on May 5th, 6th, and 7th." I was like wtf. I went in and told the dude and the front desk that I took a day off work and I HAD to take this test. So he put my name down and I sat there for two hours. The whole time not being sure if I'll get to take the test. Finally I get called up and he says I can take the test. It was a joke, I pass easily and get to ride home back to Surrey legally. And I did call ahead to see if they were testing today and the nice kind sounding lady on the other end of the line says "Yes we are having tests today just be here before 3."

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    cool, you're almost ready for the duffy loop, 6 solid hrs if you're really givin er
    did that last weekend.....

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    Hey DarkCBR, I read this post a long while ago, that's funny that it was you (now that I know who you are)

    Sweet, congrats on pasting the MSA! Next up the Dredded Road test, and then you can stay out after it gets dark

    oh and yeah, when you're up to it, the duffy loop is awesome!


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