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    F4i Track Report

    Well I had my first track day on my F4i on Friday(Racecity in Calgary) and it was great! The F4i is a very easy bike to ride. I had to start taking it easier the last half of the day because I was dragging the left peg in nearly every corner. I wore about half a cm of metal off it!

    Gotta do some suspension tuning, it has racetech springs and valves but it needs to be setup right. The EBC HH brakes were awesome. I was running on Pirelli Supercorsa's(SC1 front SC2 rear) and they were awesome as well. Very quick warm up time and they stuck like glue with great feedback.

    So I gotta get some rearsets or find some jackup plates - anyone know of some good deals?

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    make jack up plates they are simple
    can easily be made to whatever spec you want
    lookin good by the way!

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    Yeah I agree with Jayson about the plates. I took that image and my dad and I whipped it together out of 6mm thick aluminum. Now instead of touching the pegs on the ground, I gotta do something about the stock exhaust.

    Oh yeah and i agree on the "lookin good" part too

    what were you riding previous to the F4i?
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