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    Talking Enthusiast or Rider

    How many of the following questions could you answer.

    1. Name at least three American Motorcycle road racing Grand Prix Champions.
    2. What are Oakly, Scott and O’Niel best known for?
    3. Name a Canadian father and son who have both won North American road race championships.
    4. What is the main colour associated with Ducati’s and Ferrari’s?
    5. Name three Spanish Trials bike manufacturers (Historically)
    6. What is, or are ; Crusty Demons & Las Vegas Extremes?
    7. Name three American WSB Champions.
    8. What does SRAD stand for?
    9. Name a Canadian Grand prix star who had a sex change and is now a "she".
    10. Name a North American bike manufacturer that is almost 100 years old.
    11. Name a British Manufactured bike that did not leak oil.
    12. How long is the Daytona 200 race?
    13. How long is a lap of the TT?
    14. What type of bike is a Baja 1000?
    15. What does ISDT stand for?
    16. What is a "Slip on"
    17. Name the odd one out :- Annacis Island, Philip Island, Vancouver Island, Whidbey Island.
    18. Where is the most popular specialty coffee shop for meeting bike riders?
    19. "Pro Link", "Uni Track", "Monoshock", and "rising rate" all refer to what motorcycle feature?
    20. What is the "Zoo Crew’s" trademark clothing.
    21. What is 80kmh in mph?
    22. What is 105 in an 80 zone worth?
    23. Can shaft drive bikes wheelie?
    24. Who manufactures Gixers.

    If you got all the Odd numbered questions and some of the Evens correct you are probably a real motorcycle enthusiast.

    If you got just the Odd’s right, you should get out a bit more!

    If you could only answer the even ones, then bikes are probably just a passing fad, but enjoy it while it lasts! (And please wear appropriate clothing on yer bike!!)

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    Oh boy some of these are hard...I guess I'm just a 'rider'.

    1. Freddie Spencer, Kevin Schwantz, Kenny Roberts
    2. Sunglasses?
    3. ?
    4. Red!
    5. hmm...I know I could name one...
    6. Stuntaz!
    7. Colin Edwards, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey?
    8. Suzuki Ram Air Direct
    9. bl1tz?
    10. HD?
    11. current Triumphs (that count?)
    12. 200 miles
    13. ?
    14. Enduro?
    15. ?
    16. an aftermarket can, that 'slips on' to the original mid-pipe
    17. Vancouver Island?
    18. Locally? Flying Swan? Starbuck on Robson?
    19. suspension
    20. ?
    21. 50
    22. $173
    23. V-max!
    24. zooki

    Oh man...I suck. But I'm still pretty new (or at least that's my story).
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    17. Philip Island, the track in Australia?

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