.22 cal MP3 Player, on sale now!
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Thread: .22 cal MP3 Player, on sale now!

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    .22 cal MP3 Player, on sale now!

    (umm... BTW that doesn't look like a .22 to me!)

    Man sent gun in internet mix-up

    <!-- S BO --> <!-- S IIMA --> <table cellspacing="0" align="right" border="0" width="203" cellpadding="0"> <tbody><tr><td> Applicants for Canadian firearms licences have to be vetted

    </td></tr> </tbody></table> <!-- E IIMA --> A Canadian student who ordered an MP3 player over the internet from the US was shocked to receive a licensed handgun instead.
    Brandon Buchan, 21, an English student at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, bid for the MP3 player on eBay, the Star Phoenix newspaper said.

    The pawnshop that auctioned the device sent him an unloaded .22-calibre Smith & Wesson gun and a licence by mistake.

    A Canadian customs official said not all parcels were X-rayed at the border.

    'I'm no hit man'

    The package, sent by courier, was labelled as containing an MP3 player.

    "I was really shocked to see it was a gun," Mr Buchan told the newspaper.

    "I'm not a hit man. I was mostly confused about it all. I thought 'How did this end up here?', and I figured it must just be a mistake."

    The third-year student called the police, who removed the weapon.

    He also e-mailed the shop, who are arranging for his MP3 player to be sent to him.

    Mr Buchan says he is keeping a photocopy of the gun licence as a souvenir of the incident.

    Applicants for firearm licences in Canada are subject to background checks, and all firearms must be registered.

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    good story

    didya read the one about the american civilian prisoner in iraq who was beheaded on video tape a couple of days ago? i think i'd be quitting right about now if i was a civvy in iraq . . . . . . . .

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    Haha... it's good that it went to someone who's honest... if it didn't, who knows where that would have ended up.

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    They should send him a free thai hooker now, for his trouble.

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    Nice to see the Billion dollar gun regestry and post 9-11 border security is keeping us safe. I hope that the BATF slaps around that pawn shop a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridenrain
    Nice to see the Billion dollar gun regestry and post 9-11 border security is keeping us safe. I hope that the BATF slaps around that pawn shop a bit.

    silly guy, the US doesn't give a shit if guns leave the country. If it was the other side of the coin, and canada shipped a gun across the line, the cia would be at the canadian pawn shop the next day.

    The difference between canada and the states, one less gun in the sates, and it may have saved a life. One less gun in canada equals one less 6 pack of empty beer cans goin to the recyclers
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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