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Thread: ferry manners

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    Question ferry manners

    I'm just wondering whats normal for bikes to do going on a ferry....

    could be bc ferries or the albian (sp?)...do we wait in lines? go to the front? special lines?

    i don't want to wait in line like a chump if i don't have to but i also don't wanna get up front and have mr. official tell me i can't cut in.


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    Hey There,
    I take the ferry all the time and you always go to the front of the line. They should tell you that when you pay. This goes for BC Ferries, I don't know about the Albian ferry.

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    The Albion ferry folks wave you to the front as well. At least normally they do. They may forget now and then.
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    all bikes go to the front unless you get there too late. then they try to sqeeze you at the back. first on, first off all the time on BC ferries.
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    You still have to get there 1/2 hour ahead and if there are 6 or more bikes in a pack, you all get a discount. On the Albian, motor up to the buildings and they'll tell you where to go and where to wait, or look for other bikes. Best to listen to the flunkys though because if you're too pushy, they can make you wait for all kinds of reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridenrain
    You still have to get there 1/2 hour ahead .
    Thats not always true. I left work in Langley at 5pm one day, trying to catch the 6 to Victoria, got there at 5:50 and was waved right on. A bike is the only way to go if your taking a ferry.
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    A little trick that works if it's rough out, (especially on the smaller ferries)

    Put your bike on the sidestand ....Take 2 of their wheel chocks.. put one right way up and one on top of it upside down and jam them under the bike on the side opposite the sidestand....
    It'll keep your bike from falling over when they bump (crash) into the pilings
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    The best part is when all the cagers are waiting in two sailing wait lines and you ride down the shoulder all the way to the front and get on with no delay.
    I've never seen a woman so pissed in my life. She was driving an SUV full of kids and it was REALLY hot that day. She thought we were taking her spot until the ferry worker told her they cram us in where no one else would fit.
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    On one trip I hadn't even paid yet and the guy was waving me to the front of the pay line. We drove on and the thing left. Of course being last on smells of exhaust once the thing docks and the cars light up.

    If the line to pay is too long go to the front. Once there they will dirct you to the front of the loading area.

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    This is soooo cool! We are planning to visit some friends on Mayne Island over the summer. The usual routine is reserve & pay 2 weeks in advance, arrive 1 hour early, wait for a million walk ons so there are no seats available when you get on. It is a long tedious process. With the bike this should be a lot more fun with a lot less stress.

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    Thanks for all the answers everyone!

    I knew I'd seen bikes going to the front....but the "before you pay" part at bcferries is what can really get ya sometimes.

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    This is all thanks to BCCOM... They do so much, for so little

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    Hint: EVEN if you are going to the Naniamo/Langdale wherever route.. you can choose the shortest line at the booths and just tell them.

    Just go up to the Bowen Island/trucks line (or lack thereof) and they'll ask you where your going.

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    The big ferries now have "motorcycle chocks" for motorcycles. They're like big wheel chocks, so you don't need to take two of the wheel chocks to make one big one just to support the bike. Use the chocks, btw. Coming back to find your bike on it's side sucks, just ask the guy who was next to me on the Horseshoe Bay - Nanaimo ferry about a month ago... Me: "hey, i'll pass you a chock" ... Him: "no thanks, it's fine" ... Come down at the end of the (slightly bumpy) crossing, to find my bike standing where I left it, and his laying on it's plastic fairings... With a bent front brake lever.

    At Horseshoe Bay, I arrived about 5 minutes before the sailing one morning. One of the "ushers" said "go to any booth, tell them you're going to Nanaimo". Since then, if there's any line at all, I go to the shortest line (or the empty window). Nobody's ever questioned, complained, given me a "look" or told me to get back in line. Well, nobody from BC Ferries, anyway.

    It beats taking the car, that's for sure. No reservations, no waiting.

    Getting off, it seems that about half the time the ushers wave us off before everyone else, and the other half of the time they let some cars off first to make room, *then* let us off before the rest. Someone suggested that when they're docked but the ramp isn't all the way down yet, to pull forward from the "motorcycle" spots and slip to the front if there's room... I've done it, but I feel like a heel doing it. I'd much rather let people be annoyed at the ushers for telling me I could leave first, than at me for pushing my way to the front.

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    What does it cost these days for a bike and rider to cross to Naniamo?, approx.

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