Impark, Verrus and multiple bikes in one spot...
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Thread: Impark, Verrus and multiple bikes in one spot...

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    Impark, Verrus and multiple bikes in one spot...

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I did a search and couldn't find anything...

    I just added my motorcycle plate to Verrus to allow me to park by phone. And I had a thought... what if I'm out for a ride with some friends and four of us want to park in one stall? Shouldn't be a problem, I hope the patroller punches in all the plates to see if one has paid. But what if they don't?

    So I e-mailed Verrus and they contacted Impark (response below), but basically, ONE MOTORCYCLE PER PARKING SPOT!

    What a waste, it's all just about the money. So this is just a warning for those of you that park and share spots. So far I have not run into any problems and the patrollers have been nice...

    As one of several motorcyclists at Verrus, I'll respond to your question...
    The motorcycle parking policies vary from region to region, and they're set
    by the parking enforcement company, not Verrus.

    The good news is that any multi-bike-per-stall policy will be the same,
    regardless of how you pay.

    However... And I'll assume from your email address that you're wondering
    about Calgary, Toronto, or Vancouver, so you're probably parking in Impark
    (Imperial Parking) lots... Impark's official policy on motorcycles (I just
    confirmed this with their patrol manager) is that one stall must be
    purchased per bike. This seems very unnecessary and wasteful to me
    personally, and I have pointed this out to Impark. But regardless, that's
    their policy. So if individual patrollers have been letting this slip by,
    you won't be able to rely on that everywhere. And that applies whether you
    pay by cash/credit (ie, display paper ticket) or with the Verrus
    pay-by-phone service.

    Sad but true. If you want to give Impark feedback about this policy, their
    main operations number is 604.681.7311.

    One nice thing I'll mention about using Verrus with motorcycles though, is
    you don't have to worry about people stealing your paper ticket.

    Shiny side up, rubber side down. Cheers!
    For those that don't know, wireless parking through Verrus would elimate problems like Big Jim had. See Verrus online.


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    Impark is annoying. Apparently they claim that I owe them some money and they call my parents' place like once every day. Usually at stupid fucking hours like midnight. Good thing they don't care and that I don't live with them.
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