'89 zuki

electronic carb stock 1.3 with a kn filter
recently did and oil change, rad flush, and new plugs and wires.

custom spring over from E4 Auto(John Barron)using a two main leaf pony spring. both front and rear springs have been inboarded 4 inches, with custom shackles.
this setup flexes like crazy and drives well on the road.

front: samurai axle, trussed, diff gaurded, breeze birf rings, 5.13 gears, lockright, adapated up to a double cardaan toyota front driveshaft
rear: samurai axle, trussed, 5.13 gears, full weld.
these have both had regular changes for oil and grease, and they are in great shape.

33 inch goodyear muds. these tires are alright, but since the rig is so lightweight you can air them down to under 5 pi without blowing a bead and they will grab very well. full size old bfg spare.

other ****: it has custom crossover steering using toyota components, 1 7/8 to 2 inch exhaust with a cherry bomb, panasion big knob deck with lcd display and clarion 6.5 inch woofer components with 1 inch tweeters. It has an aftermarket tach so you can watch your revs, custom shifter knob, and im sure there is a bunch of other stuff im forgetting. It has a custom made front bumper designed after the arb bumper made to fit a warn 8274 winch perfectly, with the winch sunken into the grill for the best approach angle possible. winch not included. for the right price i could also include a cb with pa output and a 4 foot firestick on a spring, a 12" clarion sub in a box made to the subs specs and made to fit perfectly inbetween the wheel wells, and a brand new interstate 800 cca battery.

what it needs: a rear bumper, all it has is the stock one.
a new soft top. someone tried to steal the stereo out of it last year and put a foot long gash in it with a knife. ive been using it ever since then and it is fine, but it has taken the ususal wear and tear from the woods, and is getting old. but when it was slashed i claimed it with icbc and now can get a new one for the cost of my deductable, which is 300 dollars. so if you wanted to do that, i would claim it right before i canceled my insurace and you could pay for it, instead if spending 500-800 on a new one. that would be up to you. I also have a few boxes of spare parts. thats it, other than that, it runs and drives awesome on the road, and amazes everyone in its path on the trail. you can ask anyone who has seen this thing go, it wheels great. it has done trails like the bitch, can opener, the chute, hamburger hill, granite dunes and many more.

$6000 with stereo or $5500 without
also looking for a partial trade for a supermoto/enduro bike, or any 4 stroke dirtbike that i can put a kit on.