DQ FlamerThrower Commercial
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Thread: DQ FlamerThrower Commercial

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    DQ FlamerThrower Commercial

    Funny Commercial I am sure you have all seen...

    But it has been hard to track down on the web for a download...here it is


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    Blitz Wing

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    Imagine the Ring of Fire he'd have the next day... Why don't they make a commercial about that?
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    I love that commercial. I also like that Vim or Windex commmerical... Whatever it is. The one where it looks like the daughter is talking to her mom who is in jail. Hmm... What other commercials are funny? There was that funny Zellers commercial that was about the xbox I think
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    funniest yet ,is the toyota commercial where the girl cuts into the guys videotaping of him and his friends beating on the truck and she screams"yeah you think your truck is more important than me ,here s what i think !!!!" and then she pushes it off a cliff ,,it tumbles down a cliff rolling and crashing then comes to a stop ,,youd think it would be destroyed but it lands perfectly intact not a scratch on it .....then she sceams "nooooooooooo" .hahahahaaha best ive seen in yrs ,,

    the windex in the bathroom is hilarious too ,the flame thrower is the best when he turns around and has the hold his mouth cuz hes cooking everything,,i love that kind of humour .

    ever see the commercial where the bird tries to crap on the hood of a car and the hood opens up smashes the bird away ..man there is so many

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    Good stuff, I'd not seen that before.
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    Aww man, I saw that yesterday. It's funny stuff!
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