Does my shock need rebuilding?
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Thread: Does my shock need rebuilding?

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    Does my shock need rebuilding?

    I know I'm a fat bastard, but is it normal for the shock to be taking in or letting out air when I get off the bike.
    I can hear the air either rushing in or out of the shock when the bike comes back up but not when it goes down. That was yesterday, it seems fine today, no noises at all coming from it all, is this a tell tale sign that it's screwed and I need to get it rebuilt? Can I get tougher springs installed for the bike since I am pretty heavy for it + a passenger riding on it may be overloading it?

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    First off if there are any signs of oil on the shock casing then it's time for a new one. The shock on your bike is high pressure nitrogen gas charged and you do not want to take it apart. But if a seal goes then it can leak out and usually the oil comes with it. If your's is doing that then it's new shock time.

    Or depending on the design of the shock sometimes the oil can become cavitated or the nitrogen can get into the damping system. That would explain the air sucking sounds. After a few cycles if the sound goes away then it's all good. The gas has gotten through the system and back to where it should be.

    But in the end it's up to you to jump up and down on your bike and recognise a bad shock. If it sinks down, springs right up without any real delay and overshoots and then drops back to rest your damping is either shot or it's adjusted much too soft. It's hard to explain if you don't know what you're looking for but try some other bikes in the dealers or buddy's bikes and compare them to how your bike bounces. A firm drop into the saddle from a few inches high should only compress the rear about 1 to 2 inches and the return should be a bit less quick with no overshoot and settling. It shouldn't OOZE back or it's too harsh. But it should be noticable that it didn't just spring back up like a trampoline. Try adjusting the damping controls if required and if they do not have any or very little effect then your shock needs replacing.
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    A shock that hisses like it is letting air in an out is gone. Bye bye. Not to say that it cant be rebuilt, but it will not do its job, and your all important handling will be very bad. Have it rebuilt or get an aftermarket shock. DO NOT waste your money on a brand new stock shock, aftermarket ones are better for same or less money. Or, you could look for a used one at local wreckers of ebay etc.

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