600RR Riders.. Temp Question
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Thread: 600RR Riders.. Temp Question

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    600RR Riders.. Temp Question

    What kind of Temp readings are you guys getting in Stopped in traffic? I've been starting to get some higher readings this year. last year it was very uncommon for me to get anything higher than 107. But now I get 107-112 all the time..

    Any insight?

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    Sorry, don't have 600RR
    but my F4i, fan kicks in at 108°c, no higher than 110°c.
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    My fan cuts in at 104 celsius and it will go as high as 112 if i'm sitting at a light for a long time. Yours sounds pretty normal to me.

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    That sounds normal to me. When I'm on the go the temp ranges from 75 - 90 C but when stopped in traffic it'll go as high as 110. My fan kicks in at 106 every time. Hope that helps ya!

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    My fan kicks in at 103, and I have been as high as 118...that was NOT a normal traffic morning though. In traffic, and I commute daily (at least I will again when I get the bike back from the shop...) ranges run from 103-114...you are in the normal range.

    Sure does suck when you get that hot blast around the legs though. I now take a stick of deodorant with me in my jacket.

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    My 600RR is in the same temperature range, Last month, it just cut off power in the middle of Knight bridge on ramp. I couldn't get it re-started. That was fun, I stayed on the ramp for 45 min before the traffic slowed down and I ended up push-starting my bike in the middle of knight bridge. Definitely not fun and not safe

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    wassup pej

    my fan kicks in at 104, but highest temp i've seen so far is 106

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    It seems pretty normal. I have seen up to 113 as well so it should be no worries.
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