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    turn signal question

    my right flush mount turn signal burned out and its a pain trying to find a bulb.... imperial told me to go to NAPA to get the blub cause they were out(those imperial guys are great by the way) and the parts person gave me a blub that looks like the same one i have, dual filament dual contacts, but the wattage is different. the replacement blub is 12v20/5w and the blub that was in there is 12v23/8w.... after replacement it seems to be working but just that on the dash that right turn arrow is really dim... is there going to be any problems?

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    The bulb is wrong. the speed of turn signal relays and their indicators is base on electrical load. ie a higher wattage bulb draws more load from the battery/charging system than a low wattage one. Overall load determines the Rate of flashing, and the brightness of the indicator output. Put the correct bulb in and all will be well.

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