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Thread: Java ERROR on index page

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    Jet Blast

    Java ERROR on index page

    Hey guys.....FYI.....
    Not sure if your aware(most likey not), but you have a java script error on your index page, watch the error in the status bar, as you try "clicking" or "mouse over" the "^" on " "Online Users" or any of the 3 little tables to the right.

    Most likey you left out the <script language="JavaScript"> in your header.
    common mistake...

    Also, your main table width(only on the index page) is set to a specified with, and on small monitors you have to scroll side to side. If you set to 100%(as you know), it will adjust to one monitor settings.

    Hope that helps!


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    Jet Blast
    shitty......guess you'll never know what I finishe saying, huh!

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    Jet Blast
    you also have an error on this forum too!

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