Is anyone following the P-P-P-Powerbook Saga?
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Thread: Is anyone following the P-P-P-Powerbook Saga?

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    Is anyone following the P-P-P-Powerbook Saga?

    Damn this is some funny shit. Not for the fear-of-reading folk - this is a LONG one. Probably the best place to start is this PDF which summarizes most of the scamming the scammer situation. You have been warned, the PDF is 28 pages.

    EDIT -> an HTML link of the above PDF contents (probably better):

    Here's the original thread on the somethingawful forums:
    (I can't access them anymore, it wants me to pay & register).
    WARNING - over 80 page thread!

    A mirror with the some product pictures (read pdf first):

    Here's the writeup on metafilter with the rest of the links (some now dead):

    "An American Ebay seller realises a European bidder is trying to scam him out of a Powerbook (fake escrow site, hijacked ebay account), so he sends him something far better, a P-P-P-Powerbook! Now, for you non-techies here, a factory model p-p-p-powerbook weights half what it's competitors weigh, comes with an A4 screen, the latest in internet adventure software, zero boot time, a fullsize keyboard (often with Key Redundancy<sup><small><small>TM</small></small></sup>) and a state-of-the-art laser bluetooth mouse. This is technology. The seller posts to a forum and amongst the chatter people follow the package via the the Fedex tracking page and some even visit the delivery address (a barbershop/internet cafe) and take photos, video, and a seat for their hair cut. The duty tax on this particular p-p-p-powerbook is around £350 (paid for by the scammer) before he sees the package, and a few days later it's released by Customs as they watch in anticipation. A forum member arrives at the internet cafe, takes a seat and soon the package arrives. The scammer opens the box and there are angry raised voices heard. The barber doesn't understand what's wrong and asks... "Is it broken?""
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    Yup, it was posted on mefi the other day.
    Pretty amusing stuff, and a good way to get back at the ebay scammers.
    Too bad that the whatever amount teh scammer paid in taxes probably doesn't mean much.

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