best road to take to kamloops
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Thread: best road to take to kamloops

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    best road to take to kamloops

    i'm thinking about heading up to kamloops this week... what's a good route?

    i was thinking pemberton, lillooet, lytton cause i've heard great things about this route (albeit the gravel stuff)... any suggestions after lytton? (and no, swinging by jasper is NOT an alternative)

    on another note, is this way better than going through hope?

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    as an aside, anyone know if the road repairs/gravel is fixed on highway 12 lillooet - lytton? the only reason i'm going this way is specifically cause i've heard great things about this route

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    I go three ways that are all very good.

    1) Duffey lake, then Marble Canyon to Cache Creek (ie #99 all the way) then over to Kamloops either via #1 or Logan Lake.

    2) Duffey Lake, then down #12 to Lytton, then over to Merrit via #8 and then up to Kamloops via #5A (the A is important since #5 is boring!). This is a little longer but adding #5A and #8 while dropping #1 makes it a little better if you like fast twisties.

    To answer your other question, as of a couple days ago (Friday) the gravelly section on #12 was still there.

    3) #7 to Hope, then #3 through Manning Park to Princeton and then north on #5A from Princeton to Kamloops.

    You can't go wrong with any of these. Have fun!!

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