Fireblade or Firestorm?
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Thread: Fireblade or Firestorm?

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    Question Fireblade or Firestorm?

    Trolling for opinions here. I have the opportunity to trade in my Firestorm (VTR1000) for a Fireblade (CBR929rr) at a good deal.

    This is my first vtwin, and but I haven't had experience with i4s either... what would you do? and why?

    I'd like to get the 'blade, since I miss the quick revs, but the lack (or lesser) of low end torque is a consideration.
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    Keep the VTR. Not many Vtwins out there.
    Sounds waaay too good with a modified exhaust.....did you do yours yet?
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    Stick VTR....

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    The twin for sure, unless all-out speed is your first priority. The sound and entertainment factor of the VTR should help you make your choice.

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    Well its time for the I4 side of the story. First off you won't miss all that low end grunt, because I own a 929 and I have ridden the RC51 and I didn't get off the RC going wow that's a lot of low end torque. Second I would have to side with the vtwin guys on the sound issue although I have the sweetest sounding set of pipes around so my 929 sounds better then everybody's else's. As far as handling and what not you would love the 929 it is very flickable and solid in the corners once you dial in the suspension, not saying that the twins aren't.

    hope this helps
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    Take one for a test ride! Everytime I hop onto a different bike, it's a completely different riding experience. Weather it be an inline 4 or a twin, each has their own little quirks that are fun in their own way. You gotta know which engine suits your riding style.

    I love hanging out at 7 thousand rpms and hearing an angry engine ready to scream but I also love chugging along with a burbling twin. Horsepower numbers and weight don't mean as much to me as the 'feel' of an engine. Its gonna be tough to every go back to an in-line four unless it's a secondary bike.
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    I'm prejudiced in favor or the VTR. My first thought was "stay with the VTR". Now I'd say: "have a quick fling with the Fireblade, get it out of your system, and return to the VTR cuz' ya missed it so much". Both bikes have their merits... the grass is always greener but on a VTR at 280kph... who's watchin' the grass anyway
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    Keep the VTR, sound and look sweet! Plus you don't see them as often.

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    I favour the 929.
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