Thank-You Rain Gods!!
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Thread: Thank-You Rain Gods!!

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    Thank-You Rain Gods!!

    i just wanna say thanks to the rain gods today. i went to cultus lake waterpark with my brother, sis and nephew. the whole time the clouds looked like they were gonna open up and piss all over. but they didnt riding in the rain just doesnt appeal to me right now. im trying to get the most out of the front tire and its gettin pretty slick. dont worry, im gettin a new one within the next week or so.

    oh, by the way, did i say thanks the the rain gods?


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    yes i think you did..... i thought today was goign to be a good day like the rest of the week has been, but i guess i cacn deal with a lil cold. Is definately better than being in unbearable heat!

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    You say that because you don't have a bike. I have to ride home in this crap! I've had enough rain and can wait until November for more. Bring on the sweltering heat!!! There's only a few months of Summer.

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    yup, rain sux big time.....heat is not too bad ............... when ur goin over 200 k

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    Riding in the rain is fun, I just hate the wet gloves. The heats not bad as long as you keep moving. City riding sucks rocks in the heat more then normally.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    Re: Thank-You Rain Gods!!

    Originally posted by SuperGoon
    . im trying to get the most out of the front tire and its gettin pretty slick.

    Doesn't the VFR have a 16 inch front? Those things scare me in the rain even with lots of tread!!!!

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    Just to make thing worse... instead of the usual 55 mins. to get home it took me 90! Damn rain! I still believe it should only rain between the hours of 2 am and 5 am.

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