Ebay scam!!!
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Thread: Ebay scam!!!

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    Ebay scam!!!

    I was looking at bikes on ebay today and there seems to be a bunch for sale for about $3000-5000 less than the real value. I email a couple of the sellers and they danced around my questions. I am pretty sure that it is a scam because they say that they will ship the bikes for free and that they are comming from europe even though they are listed as located in Canada.


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    Scam for sure.Anything that seems too good on ebay is 99% a scam.
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    For sure its a scam. Stay away form that if they are dodging questions. The bikes are probably hot...if they even exist at all.

    BTW..Been lurking on this site for a few days now. Just wanted to say that this is a great bunch and I am looking forward to reading all the great posts from everyone. I'll be riding by the end of this summer
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    Especially if buddy doesent want to use Paypal, credit card........ONLY moneygram westernunion etc.

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    Scam scam scam scam scam.

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    yep. scam. there was one almost identical posted last wee and pretty much same story. wonder if it was the same seller??
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    STay away as far as you can! The licensing system is different in Europe, which means it is easy to get a hot bike into North America and still have paperwork for it. The only way you could really be safe would be to check the frame# and contact the manufacturer to see where this bike should be. If the bikes are hot, the European branch would have the frame number on their black list.

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    SCAM... Bah I say good deal... kidding

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    It sounds like this ad.


    Conflicting locations, no feedback score, price is WAY too low, smells like a fish market!!
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