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    fitment of gloves

    I bought a pair of alpinestar gloves sized M. I tried on the L's and there was a lot of space between my fingers and the tips of the gloves, so I went for the mediums.

    but right now (after using them for almost 2 weeks), they still feel kinda tight. sometimes the lining inside the glove (where they are stitched together) goes underneath my fingernails and it kinda bugs me. I also noticed that it gets pretty tight around my thumbs when I'm twisting the throttle.

    I'm just wondering if this means that the gloves are too small for me. I mean, they fit ok but it just feels really snug.

    should I have went for the L's with the extra space, so that when i close my fist it would fit comfortably??

    thanks guys

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    Sounds like that brand/style of glove just doesn't fit the shape of your hand as well as it could.

    Occasionally the seams on the finger tips dig into my finger nails. If that happens, I reposition the fit of the glove on my hand.

    I think you went with the right size -- you don't want a lot of space at the end of your fingertips.

    The gloves are still new; they will stretch to fit your hand. Just gotta wear them and give them a chance to form

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    its hard to find a glove that will give u a perfect fit
    most of the time a "close enough fit" is what we have to settle for

    i had a set of japanese gloves in medium, they fit almost perfect
    then i switched to alpinestars
    i thought medium would do in a certain glove, it was a tad big, the small was just right almost

    so its brand preference and the way they make them

    its hard to get RIGHT on with any kind of gear...everyone is created differently
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    You say 2 weeks but is that everyday? Give it a little time and they will stretch to fit well enough

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    snug is better b/c the leather will stretch over time. My first pair I bought fit perfect and within a month they stretched out too big and fit loose.
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    sometime it will take more than 2 weeks to have the glove really fitted to your hand. Especially when the weather is pretty cool at this point. Wait until summer comes and you sweat a bit more then it will stretch the glove. I bought the Dainese carbon last year and it took more than a few races just to get comfortable.

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    i just got a pair of small teknic violator pro's that fit quite snug. My fingertips almost fillout the gloves but not quite (which is good imo). However, when I clench my fist, i can feel the knuckle guard pressing down on me. Also, when I wore them for 6-7 hours my hands were kinda numb from decreased blood flow i guess. Now i understand these are new gloves and will need some breaking in but what are some signs that they are just too tight to begin with? I'd like to know asap so i can decide whether or not I should exchange the pair.

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