If you are a WestCoastSuperBikeSchool student, and racing this weekend, and have problems, you can drop by for a little advice. Never sure where I will be pitted, but almost everyone knows me, so I shouldn't be hard to find. Troy is usually deep in work, but myself and Gio should have more time. I won't have time to actually work on your bike, as I will be riding myself (SV650), but help with riding techniques, tactics, or general advice is freely givin to any WCSS students that need it.

While I'm at it, a few reminders.........

1) your bike should be race ready before you load it onto the truck
2) have it ready Thursday if possible, so you can stretch, start hydrating, and relax Friday
3) we need volunteers, and you're the club's best bet! All of the whining about track time can usually be traced to 2 things....novice/amatuer crashes, and not enough volunteers. Easiest way to be a star at the track is to supply good volunteers. Especially hotties!!
4) speaking of crashes, take it easy. My best race weekends did not involve crashing To finish first, first you have to finish.
5) bring food! Fresh fruit, water, food for your helpers, and food that won't make you tired in the afternoon. If you do a thread search, it's here somewhere.
5) stay out of the sun. Buy the tent now, and keep the team happy.
6) don't arrive late. If you can't pack the pick-up the night before, at least pack your gear, food, water and ice, tools, chemicals and cleaners, so loading is fats and furious. This is when picking a responsible helper pays off!
7) plan on having fun. It is the best way to make the whole affair worthwhile, keeps friends coming back, and make yourself look good. Screaming freaking maniacs just look like fools, regardless of the laptimes.
8) smile, bring good shades, a hat, make sure yor visor is in MINT condition, and you bring food and good looking help for the.....me!!
good luck, have fun