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    Ode to my Scarlet…

    Ode to my Scarlet…

    It’s been quite a journey so far. When I first saw you I never even dreamt we would be together, forget about all that we have done. From that very first time I saw you I was awe struck, absolutely dumfounded.

    It took over a year for us to finally get together, it wasn’t even planned, things happened and all of a sudden we were together. I remember going back and looking at those first pictures of you, and wondering in amazement that not so long ago being with you was not even thinkable.

    You and you alone have had the most profound effect on me over the past few years, you were there every time I needed you…you helped me grow and most importantly you helped me find those core principles that today are the foundation to my happiness and the pillar I seek when all seems lost.

    They say behind every great man is a woman, well I am no great man but whatever I am is because I had you with me all these years.

    I am thankful for what you have done and blessed that I still have you for the long journey ahead.

    May 16th 2004, 9:30pm we passed 40,000kms.

    And to Scarlet, after whom all my bikes are named, I miss you greatly and I wish you the best in everything wherever you are, you and you alone believed in me, even when I didn’t. I wish you could see me now, I know you would be proud.
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    U kawi guys are wierd
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Wow, I think you need this ...http://www.imaginarygirlfriends.com/
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    Human I know you've been trying new things lately... this sounds like an E trip to me

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    Mail Order Mistress By 3 of 7

    Mail Order MiSTress

    I had not yet seen her,
    But I had seen her siSTers.
    The man said," Give me gold,
    And I will summon her for you"..

    I got the gold.
    I gave the gold to the man.
    He shook my hand,
    And I waited..

    The days were restless.
    And the nights were empty.
    I wondered how she would feel beneath me.

    And I waited...

    The beaST that I had hence flown with ,
    Sat unused .
    Demanding he be waxed and polished,
    In all his gleaming masculine bravado.

    And I waited...

    A man called to me,
    " She is here "
    I left my work early,
    With my heart racing..

    Then I saw her,
    My doubts evaporated,
    As my eyes drank the curves,
    Of her red dress.

    And we danced...

    Scarlet sings a song ,
    You may, or may not know,
    Not unlike Luke Skywalkers'
    Dance through the timber,
    In some forgotten StarWars sequel.

    For years we flew alone,
    But for glowing night-eyes in the rainforest,
    Unannounced and unnoticed on a deserted slab.
    Through grey fog and blackness,
    Went Scarlet and I .

    I offered her the illegal edge of my fears.
    She is at home there.
    Her presence warming my torn soul.
    Happy at our new edge.
    And the slab is ours to carve....

    I can hear her in my mind,
    Pushing aside the cacophony of everyday life ,
    Scarlet Hums at ST nominal,
    I hum at ST nominal,

    And we dance..

    Sometimes we laugh.
    At the sun, or the night-eyes,
    And at the edge of our fears,
    I like it there too..

    With the finest of drink,
    And soap,
    And wax,
    Scarlet is entertained,

    And her scars are healed as I caress the red dress.
    And my scars are healed as I caress the red dress
    All is well,
    Thank You....

    Tho' tempered STeel and infrared,
    Still await for those who would try to dance,
    With Scarlet,
    My mail order miSTress..
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