Katana's and SV650S'
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Thread: Katana's and SV650S'

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    Katana's and SV650S'

    Hey.. Dumb question.

    Are these considered wus bikes? I don't really see much posted about them in terms of popularity, but they seem like decent bikes to me... (but I'm a newbie)

    A friend of mine said that a Katana isn't really even a sport bike?

    Can I get opinions from you guys on these bikes? Not just to answer my question, but just overall impression and thoughts?


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    does it have two wheels? if so then who cares.

    dont worry too much about what other people think, i personally have much more respect for people riding pos bikes but can actually ride them, rather than someone whos decked out in the most expensive bike, leathers and can barely shift into second

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    01 blk SV650S
    I think a lot of ppl race the sv650s.

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    the only bad thing I recall hearing about Katana's are that they are top heavy, something to do with where the gas tank sits.

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    well, I just bought a Katana, and just got back from my first ride ever, I must say it was AWESOME. Feels like a great bike, though I have no basis of compairison. Best money I ever spent.

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    i used to ride a '91 Katana, upgraded to an '00 SV650....they are both very good bikes... and not a wus bike by any means...The Kat was heavyy though... something like 450lb dry the SV is about 375lb dry. The kat is an inline4 and is very quick. The SV is a V-twin, not as quick but gobs of torque....

    they are both priced very nicely... and is a great starter bike...

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    good starter bikes.
    02 R1- stolen Nov 24/02

    Hang Thieves

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    Depends what you want to do. I am biased though owning a Kat 750.
    I wanted something sporty but a bit more relaxed it's the bike I wanted, and could give two shits if people like it or not. I'm not into riding to impress others, I do it cause it's fun. SV650 are awesome, they have such a cult following that there is gobs of stuff you can do with it.
    If you are deciding on a bike, go sit on few, try some out. Find the one you like best.

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    The Katana is a great bike! what this about it's not even a sport bike?? that's silly, it's a great sportbike with nice touring capability and it is pretty quick too! it's handling is pretty good and the price is nice too. The SV650 is a great bike also, it has a huge aftermarket and you can do some crazy things. As to "WUS" bike's....I don't think so!!

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    Of the 2 bikes, I'm biased to the SV. Great little bike. Both bikes should be great to start on. The Katana is an I4 as everyone said, and an entirely different beast. If you like the sound of a GSX-R over a Harley, you may want the Katana. Although the SV does sound MUCH better than a Harley.

    As for the torque, it's pretty good when I'm with my g/f. Definately feels less powerful, but who cares. It's about being smooth with a passenger, not being fast. The SV is definately more forgiving when it comes to picking the right gear, but the Katana would teach you more in terms of gear selection... I think. Lastly, I can attest to the cult following of the SV. While I wish I had more power, I'd get a TLR before any other I4. I just love the sound of the V-twins.

    FYI: I have also tested an 03 R6. Let's just say, be careful on the clutch. While I mainly did straight line twists of the wrist, you can easily feel the difference in power. Made me wish I had money to buy a second bike.

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    I chose a Katana as I just got back into riding. The price point was right and I needed something that I won't get crazy on. That didn't really work so well

    Anways, they are quite comfortable, but if you are getting a bike to impress your friends who read all the mags, don't get a Kat. Get an R1 or a liter Gixxer. They'll be impressed.

    If you want a bike that will allow you to not be scared of it, I think both the SV and the Kat will do fine as a first bike. Sit on both, test ride both (if you can) and see which you like better. There are also some great 500's which you can buy for not too much money.

    One thing to consider: If you are brand new, less fairings = less expensive when you drop the bike. I've ridden bikes in the past so I went with the Kat.

    Good luck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dru
    FYI: I have also tested an 03 R6. Let's just say, be careful on the clutch. While I mainly did straight line twists of the wrist, you can easily feel the difference in power. Made me wish I had money to buy a second bike.
    Hey Dru...if you want to go for a ride and swap sometimes, I'm in for it. I have not been on an SV650s...I wanna give one a go.

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    I don't think it is a wuss bike at all. Just meant for different things. If most of your riding consists of commuting and backroad blasts, the SV should be your choice. I just took a bike apptitude test tonight and with all answers with my head, not my heart, it worked out to buying the SV650S...which I did last year.

    The SV doesn't have the high end acceleration of the I-4 bikes, but it has more torque down low and overall when compared to 600cc supersports. Plus, it has a deep exhaust tone when compared to the I-4. What is more annoying, high pitched whining or deep grumble?

    Many reasons why you should buy and SV. I bought one because it was the right bike for me and I no longer feel that I have to impress people to boost my own self-esteem. I know it is faster than most cars off the line, I don't have to smoke the boy racers with it.

    This is mine. I was thinking about getting the full lower fairing one day, for the added wind protection.
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    I've ridden both the SV650S and a couple katanas, owned a kat 600/750 that turned out a bit of a project.....
    Long story short- the SV650 has a huge following, torquey engine and lighter weight than the katana. I dont think katana is a sportbike but more of a budget sport-tourer. Overall i liked the riding position/seat of the kat more than the SV, SV definetely has nicer torque. Personally i dont like the looks of either 98+ katanas or 99-02 SV650S(but really like 03+SV)
    I'd take an early-mid 90's VFR750 over either of those 2 bikes...If you want to get into sportbikes than SV650 is the way to go, if youre not sure what type of riding you want to do then you may want to get something cheaper, more basic and upright(ninja 500, suzuki GS500, some kind of a generic 80's standard bike)

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    get the sv650 if anything.. Katana is a really good beginners bike but not if your a small person and/or not very strong.. its bulky, heavy and long. honestly i would have went with the sv650 if i had the money. The Katana is a little bit cheaper.well now that i got that out of the way im thinking if selling my 2003 Katana for under $6000
    hehe so smooth...

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