choke and clutch problems?
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Thread: choke and clutch problems?

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    choke and clutch problems?

    Hi everyone, can anyone help me diagnose this problem?

    I have a 00 sv650s just bought from a friend on May 1st. Bike ran fine up until TODAY. When trying to start her up, the choke was on partially (1/4) way, let her idle and warm up like usual (a minute or so) and got to riding. About 40m away she decided to die. no cough, no jerk, just kind of died.

    I noticed that when i take my hand off the clutch (bike in N) an audible and tactile knocking / clunking comes from the engine which was never there before. So i've discovered unless the throttle or choke is on partially, she'll just kind of slow down, slow down, cough, slow down and die. She might stay on with a 1/4 choke and no throttle for about . . . 30 seconds. She normally idles at 2000 / 2500 with that position, but now with 1/2 choke she idles at 1000.

    I am wondering if there would be a problem riding her with the choke ON just to get her to a garage to have it looked at! this is insane. And i have no mechanical abilities but would like to have some idea of what this might be caused by, how much it might cost to fix and what i did wrong.

    whew - thanks

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    check the oil first then turn the idle up.unless you have done that already.

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    What he said. On the positive side it does not sound like YOU did anything wrong. More like "shit happens".

    If it runs better with the choke on a bit then that says that it's running lean. Something has happened to mess up the mixture going into one or both of the cylinders. It may be a simple fix or it may be expensive, no way to tell.
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