Drilled pipe internals
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Thread: Drilled pipe internals

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    Drilled pipe internals

    Hey guys, I don't wanna sound like a ghetto squid boy but today I drilled out my stock pipes. Having a V-twin that sounded a little wimpy I've been thinking about this 'mod' for a while. Some of the guys over on the TLplanet have done it before so I got some tippers before proceeding. Other owners have dyno'ed their bike without any signs of damaging the power curve so I thought I'd give it a try!

    I dremelled the welds on the three bolts that hold the Suzuki end cap on and the end cap slid right off.

    I then proceded to make 1/4 drill holes into the inner baffle's endcap surface until it was around as loud as I thought sounded nice. I put the endcaps back on and screwed her right back in, thereby hiding all of the ugly drill holes I just put into the baffles endcap surface.

    Results: I probably lost a bunch of backpressure and my fuel curves a little out of whack but I am giddy at the new sound my bike makes! To describe the new sound, it's not exactly deep and throaty hum, but more of a barky, crackly, sharper thumb. Whatever the hell sound comes out of these pipes right now is better than listening to valvetick
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    At least you didn't stick a piece of steel rebar up the hole and whack it with a sledge...

    I'm hardly a noise person but I do like my bike to sound like a bike. And thanks to my Ducati days I'm firmly convinced that a Vtwin that does not have a nice sound is a sad thing indeed. Stock RC51 pipes are an affront to everything that is V twin. It's like listening to the "Mouse That Roared"...
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