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Thread: diets vs exercise

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    diets vs exercise

    suppose u had to loose umm lets say 20lbs
    would u get on a diet or would u start workin out (runnin, and so on)
    i know that excercise is a better alternative but how many of u would start workout and how many would look at diets first( like atkins and so on)

    jsut an essay i otta do tryin to see wut ppl have to say thx

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    April 2003 i was OVER 250 lbs. I was down to 170 by Sept. 2003 and still at 170
    NO diets, just excercise and cut out all the junk food.
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    Atkins is nothing more than media inflated garbage.

    Exercise is the key. Without it, all food moderation (aka "diet") becomes that much more harder. By exercising you can still eat "most" of the foods that you want, you just have to burn it off outside or in the gym.

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    none at the moment
    After I found out that I was diabetic I had to do both , lost about 15 lbs in 2 months

    You should do both , one doesn't go without the other. Talk to inferno , he knows what he's talking about and he'll give you good pointers.
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    I believe everyone should exercise. Dieting sucks ass. If you exercise enough, you can eat almost anything you want. But I do believe that if you eat nothing but McDonalds, you won't be able to get results, or at least not quick results. Healthy eating is a must, or you shouldn't bitch about gaining weight.

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    Pretty much agree with everyone else. I've always lived with the everything in moderation rule. I didn't need to loose weight but started looking/feeling a little frail at 38. I started going to the gym at the end of last year to tone things up a bit, and realized something else this year too. No aches or pains during or after a long ride. It's made riding much more fun. But ya . . .excerise I think is the key, not cutting out certain foods etc . . .even Rottin' Rony's is ok once in a while.

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    err.. you dont even need to go to the gym just start to run and do push ups and it ups to get your pump on.....

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    Everyone here is correct so far. Proper eating is like 80 per cent of weight loss. Gargabe in = garbage out. Sounds pretty simple, and it is!
    I dropped 40 pounds within 18 months a couple years back and felt great. I was a bit too skinny for my liking so 10 of those pounds are now back on, and I feel more healthy. I exercise at least three times a week, generally about five, though and watch what I eat. It takes discipline, but the benefits outweigh the annoyance.
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    revelation is definetly right.....the atkins craze is total BS. you do yourself more harm than good in the long run....EXERCISE is definelty the key...listen to your body and it will tell you what's right.

    something I read not to long ago....

    "eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner"
    your metabolism is much higher early in the day than at the end. Same works for exercise...the earlier in the day, the more you get out of it

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    Well, I am about 140 to 145 lbs, fluctuating within the 5 pound range ever since high school. I am 32 now. And, I can eat like a man with a hollow leg. Actually, some of my friends (some BCSB'ers) tell me that I do have a hollow leg, especially when it comes to sushi. I never really gain weight, but I am extremely active. I play about four to five times a week doing various activities: rollerblading, martial arts (aikido, tae kwan do and jiu jit-su), hockey, soccer, softball, running, bike riding. I may not be as BIG as Inferno, or even Siren (damn! she's strong), but my little pump definitely gets a workout.

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    Diet and working out go hand in hand. By Diet, I mean good whole foods, and not some fast shit from a can. Did you know that if people ate healthy food, they would almost always feel quite full after a meal? Eat complex carbs (whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole grain breads), avoid simple sugars and carbs like white breads and candy, potato chips, etc. Eat good proteins like fish, chicken, lean beef, eggs and milk. And excerise!!!!!! 20 minutes a day on the treadmill at relatively high intensity can increase your metabolism for the whole day if you do it in the morning.

    Eat smaller meals 5-6 times a day. Simple plan really. Get up, workout, eat breakfast, have a snack, eat lunch, have a snack, eat supper, have a snack, go to bed. Repeat in the morning.

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    The best way to answer this question is this:

    If you had to choose between exercising and dieting based solely on health and no other alternative you would have to choose diet. Why? Because eating a poor diet will lead to a whole host of issues including:

    Mineral defiency
    Vitamin deficieny
    Lack of anti-oxidants
    Lack of essential oils
    Too little fiber

    These things lead to premature aging, increased risk of certain cancers and basically a weaker less healthy body. There are lot of other things specifically what these deficiencies do.

    So by eating shit and saying I am exercising so it doesn't matter is very dangerous. Athletes and active people have an increases need for certain nutrients including antioxidants and vitamins. Our metabolism produces by-products that damage our body over time (like scoring in an engine). When you exercise you produce additional damaging products called free radicals. Diets low in anti-oxidants (things that quench free radicals) cannot support a proper system in which the body deals with oxidative (damaging) by-products from metabolism AND exercise.

    Now I'm not saying exercise is not important and I would never say just one or the other but for arguments sake if you could only chose one, diet is clearly your best choice.

    If you are interested in losing weight it is critical to include exercise in your diet plan but that is another topic.

    Feel free to pick my brain

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    Quote Originally Posted by prettyinpink
    Same works for exercise...the earlier in the day, the more you get out of it
    Can anyone verify this? I work out late at night...then pretty much go right to sleep thinking that that's a great time for muscle repair. Would I get more gains by working out before starting my day?

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    I've heard from many different sources that for the fat burning aspect of your workout, doing it in the morning is better. You rev up your metabolism and get the benefits throughout the day. Your tissues (muscle included) however, do repair while you sleep. i think you're probably doing the right thing by training in the evening, but for losing fat starting in the morning, is definitly's what got me over my plateau and down to my ideal fat to lean muscle ratio

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    tissues repair when you're not stressing them, so yes they repair when you sleep, but if you have a sit on your butt kind of job, then they'd be re-building at that time too. As far as training during day or night or first thing in the goddamn morning like some of my clients do, its all a matter of what YOUR body likes. If I showed you a peer-reviewed published study that said working out on an empty stomach at 5am 5 days a week yielded the best results but you could barely drag yourself out of bed and felt like puking after the workout, then we'd have a problem. Same thing for late night, a lot of people get "wired" from working out late at night and can't get good sleep. Many morning people get energized from working out super early too - different strokes for different folks.
    Yes, eat good proteins (fish chicken tofu legumes cottage cheeze), carbohydrates (veggies and lots of em) and even fat (olive oil, fish oil, nuts, tahini). I say that diet (or proper nutritional habits) are more important than exercise IF you HAD to choose, but everyone is right . . .they go hand in hand in hand in hand - now just don't ask if weights are better than cardio.

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