When Cagers Attack: bikers stabbed, film at 11
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Thread: When Cagers Attack: bikers stabbed, film at 11

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    When Cagers Attack: bikers stabbed, film at 11

    Road rage terrifies


    Two Edmonton motorcyclists feared they would die on a city street after being knifed - one a dozen times - in a horrific road-rage attack. "We were talking about it afterwards and we both felt we were going to die," said the 21-year-old victim who suffered two stab wounds in the 3:20 a.m. Saturday knifings that left his buddy, also 21, with a punctured lung and a fractured rib.

    The men, too afraid to be identified, were on a motorcycle heading south on 50 Street after playing cards with friends when a black Acura Integra blew by them at 38 Avenue.

    Then, the bikers say, the Acura slowed, allowing them to pass, and switched into the same lane, tailing them closely. It then suddenly lurched past them and cut them off before stopping at a red light at 23 Avenue.

    When four men in the car started hollering at them and one appeared to be getting out of the Acura, the passenger stepped off the bike.

    "It was just an instinctive thing," he said. "I kicked the door shut."

    But that move enraged the four men, who then sprang out of the car ready to battle.

    "The driver punched me through the visor of the helmet," said the passenger.

    "He made my nose bleed.

    "I was dazed."

    The assailants - most appeared to be white and none were familiar to the motorcyclists - then punched the bike passenger in the chest, tripped and stomped him, he said.

    He was finally rolled over onto his chest and the Acura driver slammed him twice in the back with a knife.

    "It felt like they were punching me."

    By then the driver of the motorcycle was also off the bike in an attempt to help his buddy. "They kicked him twice in the groin and before he went to the ground, the (Acura) driver caught his head," putting him in a headlock.

    "These guys looked like they'd done this before," said the passenger, adding the Acura driver then swiftly threw a series of blows with the knife into his friend's body.

    "This guy looked like he was jacked up. I've never seen anyone move that fast before. He was like Superman."

    His buddy suffered 12 stab wounds, 10 to his back, one to his right arm and one to his left shoulder.

    "I'm really lucky I was wearing my leather jacket because it's padded," said the bike driver, now out of hospital.

    The men then jumped into the car and sped away.

    Two people, who happened to be friends of the victims, stopped at the bloody scene and called for help.

    Paramedics raced both men to the University hospital.

    Two girls were in the Acura and watched the attack.

    Police have since identified the 23-year-old driver of the Acura and are trying to track him down.

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    Adrenaline and violence seems to be the designer drug of the new millenium. The actions of the car says it all. They were cruising looking for someone to attack and found the bike. I seriously doubt the car door getting kicked mattered at all to the outcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeTee
    I seriously doubt the car door getting kicked mattered at all to the outcome.
    No but I'm sure as hell that it didn't help all that much either. Personally I think there's just a lack of general respect in the world these days as well.

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    i think using their bikes' superior power to try and get away would have been a better bet.

    of course hindsight is always 20/20

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    im not familiar with edmonton but on the flip side you dont necessarily want to be racing through city streets with a pissed off car behind you. and in general road rage incidents dont escalate to stabbings either. scary stuff though. ive been known to blow my top a few times in the car resulting in yelling matches but to beat someone down and stab them. get a grip

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    holy fuck, that's absolutely scary. don't mess or even bother in edmonton heh... just keep on riding and run, run away as fast as you can!!

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    theres sumthin off bout that story... seems kinda fake

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    Its those damn Acuras

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    either run or break out the desert eagle .50ae and start whoopin ass
    seriously though, those fuckers deserve to die -

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    I'm calling BS , somethings just not right with that story . There had to be a previous incident that's just a little to violent for a random beating. Not that I'm saying that swarming is justified there's some holes in the story.

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    I've been hitting some of the bike Shoppes here in the UK and the big thing seems to be the ICON glove with the metel knuckles. So many stories of bikes being cut off or being squeezed out so the driver's window gets punched out. This is the advantage of having your clutch on the left and our drivers here sitting on the right. They smarten up reeeeeeellll quick!

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    this is me scratching University of Alberta law off my list of law schools to attend in Sept.
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    I grew up in Edmonton and it is a very rough town late at night (even on Whyte Ave). I am not surprised. You add alcohol ... the possibility that the bikers flipped them off and a gang of idiots in an Acura ...

    Really good that they survived. A lot of people have been kicked to death with cowboy boots outside bars in eTown. I remember a bouncer that threw out a few Vietnamese gangsters from a club and they came back with an axe. He died on the scene.

    What were they doing riding ay 3 a.m.? Considering the number of drunks on the road at that time they should have taken a cab.

    Quote Originally Posted by johan
    Road rage terrifies

    said the 21-year-old victim who suffered two stab wounds in the 3:20 a.m. Saturday knifings that left his buddy, also 21, with a punctured lung and a fractured rib.

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    Seems fishy to me too. You don't just "instinctively" kick the door shut of a car full of adrenaline-pumped guys in the middle of the night at a stoplight. Not unless you're looking for trouble too and/or are stupid.

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    something similar happened to me bout 2 yrs ago.. but i was in a car and t3h bastids were in a pikup..dindt get stabbed tho.phew and it happened on a bz street too. just some crazy f00z out there

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