Being logged out.
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Thread: Being logged out.

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    Being logged out.

    As many can attest, I don't often cut right to the chase when I post here. It seems as if I spend much more than 5ish minutes putting something together I find I've been logged off the site and lose my whole post when I go to submit it.
    What's the deal? Surely I don't have to compose it elsewhere and paste it in?


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    I wish.
    Well, the forum software uses a cookie on your computer to keep you 'logged in'. I can only assume that your cookie settings are set in some fashion that is causing you to log out. Which browser are you using? Have you played with the security settings?

    By default, the site will leave you logged in -- a work around could be that before you send something though, especially something lengthy that you copy it to your clipboard before hitting send (I always do this on any site 'just in case', as you don't want to have to re-type everything). Then if it fails, you can quickly post still..
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    When you go straight to the forums via , I think by default it DOESN'T keep you logged in... you have to check the box underneath the login to keep yourself logged in...

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