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    Artists - Help, I'm stuck

    I've been playing with this for a while. I'm not feeling "it" as it were and can't figure out what it needs. I know it has to stay clean and fairly simple, but arg...

    In your opinion, what's it need? and yes, I've already heard and turned down the "Hal 9000" quotes.

    Any opinions welcome.
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    I dunno what you'll think, but here goes... I think a shadow detail (up/down to either the left/right... like shadowing on block letters) along the two grey bars would look good, in a deep shade of red to match the centre. It would add a little more dimension, whilst not taking away from the focal point.... I'd attempt to add it in PhotoChop, but I'd make a mess. Good luck
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    Very interesting design, is it supposed be or symbolize something?

    And yes the Hal quote would fit nicely
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    I'd add a white reflection glare somewhere in the red at the top (it's what I'd do if I were tattooing that) it makes it more 3D, if you look at anything round you'll find a reflection of light somewhere on it.

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    i think some kind of reflective lighting from the bottom to illuminate it more would make it look great. maybe a different colour light to add more dimension. Is there a design in the center or is that shading? looks really cool though.

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