FYI on Mission / Maple Ridge area speed trap
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Thread: FYI on Mission / Maple Ridge area speed trap

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    Angry FYI on Mission / Maple Ridge area speed trap

    Ok my 1st post here so not sure if this is in the right area or not but figured I would give everyone that rides in my area a headsup. I just popped my speeding ticket cherry on my new bike , so impressed but ended up having bout a half hour conversation with officer friendly. I would offically label the area from Maple ridge to Mission on the Dewdney Trunk a real slow zone. According to officer friendly ( after writing me a 196$ ticket that is ) the Maple Ridge and Mission RCMP are on major alert for an (exact words here) " underground bike racing group" apparently some nice lady got pissed with the bikes ripping up n down Dewdney and followed a couple and when they stopped decided to write down license plates ( nice!)
    One of the riders took exception to it , and walked over ripped the paper out of her hands and tore it up and told her to "mind her own f**kin business" sufice to say she promptly crapped her pants and was on the horn to the RCMP head office downtown yelling and screaming , so the long n short of it , between the area's above they now have zero tolernce for speed issues and have a car making the rounds pretty much 24 hrs a day and heads up , he said that very soon they are going to setup in an area ( the dam I guessing ) where (his words) you won't be able to get out of and they will be having Mission RCMP , Maple Ridge RCMP , ICBC and Dept of Motor Vehicles all in attendance , he said if you get stopped in that chances are you can forget riding for at least 45 min's while they tear you and your bike apart looking for any and all infractions , bear in mind that the motor vehicle act is more power to the cops than the criminal code they can literally yank your bike for infractions they can dream up , (his words again) " I could pull a brand new bike off the road if wanted to with the motor vehicle act , with the chickenshit charges I can find anything I feel like it " end quote . So to all heads up , not saying you speed or anything but a ticket sure sucks after a nice day of riding

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    I think My buddy on an f3 ran into the same lady, he ended up stopping and listening to her bitch about the loud sportbikes invading her nice quiet area that she lives in. He said he pretended to be nice about it, and told her to make a post on bcsportbikes asking everyone to stop riding in that area (I dont think she knew he was being sarcastic, but he was the whole time he talked to her). I think he got fed up with her after she complained for about half an hour, so he put his lid on, fired his bike off and ripped away, and his bike is one of the loudest sportbikes Ive heard. I think he was pissed cause she waved them down, and he thought she needed help with directions, or car trouble, and all she wanted to do was complain to him about her "crisis"
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    Now that's just plain ole silly, ripping the paper out of her hands. I always wondered what those hags do when they're done sitting on strata councils in the city.

    You want to be thorough, find out where she lives -- on some acreage, no doubt, and then go and plant some weed on her property. Well hidden, of course. In due time, call the same helpful RCMP and advise them they need to take a good look down there.

    Problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatscold
    One of the riders took exception to it , and walked over ripped the paper out of her hands and tore it up and told her to "mind her own f**kin business" sufice to say she promptly crapped her pants and was on the horn to the RCMP head office downtown yelling and screaming
    Seriously, that's some stupid shit. Tell him to nod and smile next time, 'cause RCMP can't do anything with those calls from private citizens. Instead, he could've just talked to her. Shit like this ends up ruining sportbikers' image, and costing you a speeding ticket...

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    My group was pulled over at the dam yesterday and the constable said the same thing that thatscold posted.
    And to whoever ripped up that lady's piece of paper: Fuck you very much. You've ruined my favourite road for the next month at least.
    Wonderfully mature attitude, shit for brains. Like Mite said, you could have just walked away. Cops can't do anything if some citizen phones in the plates.
    Since I live and work around here, I can tell you the cops aren't assholes in Mission. I know a lot of 'em and they're a pretty good group. If you just take your lumps at these licence checks, they send you on your way.
    Make waves and they will find a reason to ticket you.
    I just don't understand these people who seem to think it's either cool, or a wonderful idea to argue with police on the side of the road. Whether you like it or not, when you're pulled over, they do have the power to make your life hell.
    If a cop does something really bad at roadside, take the tickets, shut your mouth and make an appointment to talk to the detachment C/O.
    Seriously, what does it serve to stand there and argue?
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    that sux!

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    Too bad about the current situation but I have to admit that if I lived in one of the houses on the Stave Lake/Dewdney ride path, I'd fear for my life everytime I had to cross the road and 1-10 sportbikes came screaming at me.

    As much as I like riding that road, I do feel sorry for the residents living in that area.

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    you guys honestly think that because one old bitch called the cops to complain the cops are now taking action? it was only a matter of time this year until the cops would try and slow down riders. they did the same thing last year for a brief period around the dams. think of how many people must call the cops after they see us ripping by their homes. we heard about the cops a few days ago but went out to test the waters yesterday and yes we saw a cop but he didn't pull us over. we were goin a lil over the limit but he still didn't give a shit. as long as you can try and keep it slow in the straights you should be fine. i dunno why you guys get all upset about cops-ever try reading a bike plate at 50 feet? that combined with an rcmp no-chase policy on bikes and you have a free getaway as long as you got gas.

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    Thumbs down Dewdney!!!!

    I live at 248 and Dewdney and ride the twisties out that way all the time , drove out there last night in the Car and they had a road block out at the Damm, Officer asked me if I had been drinking ?? Then I asked him about the Bike situation that I had heard about and He told me it was something they will be keeping a close eye out for , So if you are going to take in the twisties out past the Dam !! Be Ware !!

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    I was up and down there in a car yesterday, going to the track. Seems like a pretty nice place to ride. Didn't see any cops tho. Whats this about a no-chase policy. I hadn't heard of it before

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    Wake up and hear the loud pipes idiots. I'm sure many of you have no idea what it's like to live on a sportbike-frequented road. It fucking sucks. Every day and every night all you fucking hear is waaaaaa-waaaaa-waaaaa as they speed by. I lived next to Burrard bridge for a year and began to hate sportbikes, even though I ride one myself. It's not so much the speed, but the noise from the muzzies and yosh's that drives you crazy.

    All the power to this lady! I only wished they had set something up on burrard st bridge to keep people from ripping over it because ultimately the noise made me move. Keep the noise down in residential areas, it's a matter of respect.

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    slow poke
    i gotta agree with ryanb if your riding through residential backcountry and let it rip what do you expect the resident who live there to do? people move there to get away from the noise and city and if bikes are ripping by there houses all day long they are gonna complain. alot of people have nothing better to do than look for something to bitch about.

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    shit shit shit...

    Not riding this road for a bit. I usually do it 3 times a week. Damn..

    My friend, on the way home from stave lake, got a ticket today (may 24th), by the dump. She was doing a 100 kms, passing a truck. lucky it wasnt me on my bike, glad i found this thread, to bad this had to happen.

    To all the people that live in mission and ride these roads. theres a nice set of roads down XXXXXXXX in XXXXXXXX, straight down XXXXXXXXX, and stay left at the fork. nice quick blast.
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