Argh ... I hate myself: Any way to fix an Iriduim Shield that's scratched?
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Thread: Argh ... I hate myself: Any way to fix an Iriduim Shield that's scratched?

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    Argh ... I hate myself: Any way to fix an Iriduim Shield that's scratched?

    Hi all,

    I just bought an Iridium shield today ... rode for about 1 hour and stopped at Iona Beach ... what a great day. ooops there are some dead bugs on my new Iridium shield ... I'll just wipe those off with my T-shirt ...

    Aahhhh!!!! Why am I such an idiot with new things?

    Anyway ... I pretty much know the answer ... but anyone out there know if you can heal the scratches? Is there anything I can do? I am now riding with constant vertical shafts of light right in front of my vision.

    To everyone out there who is thinking about buying an Iridium Lens ... be careful and don't even think of using cotton to clean the lens.



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    That super duper S U C K S. Nice avatar b.t.w.

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    After a bad experience with Oakley's I no longer use iridium stuff, it wears to damn fast, and I am not careful enough with it...

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    I put around 10 layers of wax on the iridium shield on the inside and outside . It prevents scratching and the visor doesn't fog and repelles water .

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    To get out scratches you can use a cut-polish and buff them out. Well, that definitely works on clear shields, as for tinted ones I'm not sure. It doesn't make much sense to put the tinting coat on just the outside where it would be so susseptable to getting scratched so easily.

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    Iridium is a coating, once it's gone it's gone.
    WMRC # 31

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    Every new screen should be coated with wax like Bill said. Or load it up with pledge. Same shit.

    Second, for best results, just get hot water on the damn thing for a minute then use Mequiar's plastic polish to clean it. Then re-apply the pledge...

    Scratched? You're screwed. Move to a high definition shield that is coloured, not coated. I prefer the blue shields.

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    I just purchase a shoei spectra mirror shield, is it iridium ??
    well, it was more like a deal thing, came with it when I bought the shoei helmet rf-1000
    got both while I was out of town on a trip......

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