Well i had the pleasure of having my R6 stolen Friday night from yaletown off the street. Now I'm at the point where i hope they don't find it and I just get a cheque cut.

I was up in squamish this afternoon for a wedding, and one of the guys there (it was a post wedding brunch) showed up on a 2000 426 yamaha... i'd just met him the night before and he let me take it for a rip down the street. i've never ridden a dirt bike (my CT-70 just doesn't count). i couldn't believe how fun the thing was to ride; wheelieing in first and second easily before i was running out of road. i was laughing and thinking that i should probably get a motard because i had such fun on the dirt bike in the 70 odd seconds that i rode it.

anyway, i like the full dirt YZ450F or the 426, but the full dirt version, not the one with the lights, etc.

are there any dirt forums around where i can perhaps try to track down an used race bike (4-stroke) and websites that list the appropriate kits to make the bike street legal. if i get this, i'll probably figure out how to mount up LED turnsignals and rear lights for a bit of the coolness factor, but i want to have the bike in a state where i can swap on a set of dirt wheels/rims and go for a rip off road, and still be able to rally around on the street after the 17 inch wheel swap with some sticky slicks.

thanks for any replies.i think i might be hooked.