F2 or F3....
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Thread: F2 or F3....

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    F2 or F3....

    Would a Honda CBR 600 F3 be alright for a first sportbike? Or should I stick with the F2? What are some of the differences in the two bikes?

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    F2 or F3 would be fine. Haven't ridden an F3, but used to have an F2...looks wise they changed very little. The motor has more power in the F3, it's also lighter, and the suspension is more adjustable, as well as just being a better more up to date suspension and chassis. If you can afford an F3, you may as well go for it...it'll probably be easier to find a low km nice F3, than a low km well maintained F2 (just due to it's age). But if you find a nice F2, don't pass it up...
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