Reparing Fairingstay
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Thread: Reparing Fairingstay

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    Reparing Fairingstay

    I have a slightly bent fairingstay on my '02 gixxer 6. Is there anyway I can bend it back into shape? Is it a good idea or should I just get a new one?

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    You can try. If it's only a little bent then there's a good chance you will be able to bend it back. But stock fairing stays are pretty brittle and can snap when you try to bend them back.

    I got a race stay from BF ( The quality is great and if it gets bent in a crash I should be able to bend it back no problem. It's lighter than the stocker too.
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    It's actually not a forged part. It's the forged parts that are brittle and only bend once during a crash. The stays are just drawn rod cut and welded. They are a lot more malliable than levers and footpeg brackets. You'll be fine bending the stay back and even playing it back and forth a little to fine tune it.

    Now if it's bent into a pretzel then I would recomend a new one but if this is just a nudge to recenter it then go ahead.
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    I would say try and bend it back, then if you break it you just buy another. Your not really loosing anything

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    OPP has race fairing stays in stock as well

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    I saw Jerry (jetshoes' husband) fixed his fairing stay on his race gixxer with JB Weld and safety wire.
    Looked like shit, but it worked!
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