Anyone ride an '04 gixxer 600 or 750?
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Thread: Anyone ride an '04 gixxer 600 or 750?

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    Anyone ride an '04 gixxer 600 or 750?

    Anyone here ride either an 04 gixxer 600 or 750? If you don't mind me asking just wondering what you paid OTD. I'm looking into trading my bike in for one and just wondering how much I should be expecting to pay on top. You can PM me if you don't want it to be public.


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    I am wondering the same thing for the 04 GSXR. If anyone can post that would be awesome.

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    You are going to take a huge hit on a 2003 CBR600RR. However, you will have the benefit of paying less tax.

    If you buy the bike outright, with no trade, you pay 14.5% on the full amount.

    If you trade in your bike, you only pay tax on the difference. So...just for the sake of numbers...your bike=$7000, new bike=$11,000, you should only pay tax on the $4000.

    I would expect that on an '04 GSXR600, you will end up paying around $4000~5000 to upgrade. Lots more for the '04 GSXR750. Not worth it in my opinion.
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    Don't bother with trade ins, they'll either lowball you on the trade in value, OR, highball you on the asking price of the bike, either way you lose big time.

    Your best bet for finding the lowest price on a new 600 will be modern. Yah they have a bad rep, but who cares? Buy your bike there, save at least 500+ bucks and don't sweat it.

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    im selling my 2004 GSXR 750 with a yoshpipe and frame sliders on it only 1400kms for 12grand.
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    Why are you selling it ?????

    Quote Originally Posted by wiggler
    im selling my 2004 GSXR 750 with a yoshpipe and frame sliders on it only 1400kms for 12grand.

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    i beleive hes moving, and cant take it with him. theres a for sale thread in the for sale forum.

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    goto Motorcycle World and talk to Brian. i bought my 04 600 from there and can't really say what i paid cause he was honouring a deal i had with another dealer. he didn't have to but he did so i got a smooooookin deal. go in and find out a price and find out what a trade in will get you. do some calculations on taxes cause you only pay the dif on taxes when you trade in as mentioned above. decide wich is better as long as your solid in whatyou figure you can get for your bike in a private sale compared to what they will give you for trade in. maybe you can save a couple dolars by trading in and maybe you can't. only way to find out is to go in. Brian's a great guy.
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