Difference between sound and HP for mufflers
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Thread: Difference between sound and HP for mufflers

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    Difference between sound and HP for mufflers

    I am looking at buying a pipe (well just the muffler end) for my 02 Honda 954.

    I am wondering if there is a rule about the louder the pipe the more HP you will get..

    I would like more HP but I dont want a exaust that is overly loud to the point of hurting my ears with my helmet on.

    What brands of pipes are people using alot of nower days?
    I've seen hindle a few times, and Two Brothers racing..

    Whats the fit and finish like on this stuff.

    Will I have to touch anything or will the computer on the FI handle me putting a pipe on it?

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    I wish.
    Generally the loudness is true, mostly because the louder pipes are 'race' pipes and arn't "street legal".

    You'll truely only get a HP difference if you tune your bike, and if your FI, it means shelling out at least $250usd for a Power Commander unit. Putting the pipe on and leaving it will still get you the sound, but will likely 'de-tune' your bike. I'm not sure about your specific situation, but check out www.powercommander.com and you'll find maps for your bike (fuel injection maps) that should tell you a whole lot about what your bike can do over stock.
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    Sound and horsepower do not go hand in hand. Many of the best exhausts for performance are quiter on the loudness scale. Akrapovic, Leo Vince, Yosh/Micron (somehwhere in the middle). If I were you and you want the best of both worlds. Nice deep tone, but not too loud, with great construction and performance, I would go with either a Yoshimura Tri-Oval or RS-3 exhaust system. I think tri-ovals are cool and they are more unique than the other plain oval or round pipes on the market.
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    Adamantium is right, but I was referring to race exhausts only. To me they are the only ones worth buying. Some are still plenty quiet if that is what you want.

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