help with oil leak...
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    help with oil leak...

    My bike is leaking oil. It is covering every where as it gets blown around a fair amount. The highsest point I can see is the gasket just below the exhaust manifold. I just had a tune-up a while ago and they had all the top end of the engine apart to take care of some spark plug problem and to do a valve adjustment. Could this leak be caused from not tightening everything down enough or is a gasket actually shot. If so how much do you think it's gonna cost..... Every time I get something fixed another seems to be wrong......

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    umm if yer bikes leakin oil from a shop doing a tune up . and its leaking from them doing an r&i , they should fix that leak . you pay money to have it professionally done.

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    Blade's got the answer. The shop is responsible for your leak.

    That's the head gasket leaking and that is not a small issue. Deal with it soon and do not ride hard until it's done.
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