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    Beat by a Harley

    "post from another forum" thought is was really funny!!!

    I couldn't believe how close this harley was to keeping up.. it's amazing
    really... heres the story..

    I came up to a red light and there's two harleys sitting there (this was on a four lane) one in the left lane, one in the right.. I'm in the left.. The light turns green and the harley in the right lane takes off suprisingly quick i thought.. the one in the left wasn't much slower really.. but I was kinda pushing him along all over his butt.. he just got over in the other lane and let me pass him.. I meant to blow the other ones paint off.. but then I noticed the next red light turning red.. so I just rolled up beside him and kinda goosed it a little to let him know I intended to embarass him (or so i thought).

    The light turned green and this harley actually got a jump on me!!!.. I nailed the throttle and expected to zip around him like nobodys business.. but nope... we stayed basically side by side till about 55-60 and I finally started pulling him a little... maybe 1 1/2, 2 car legnths max at 90mph.

    Amazing for a harley I thought.

    .. oh .. I should mention that I wasn't on the busa... (did you really not catch on till now?) I was hauling trash out of my basement in a 98 extended cab chevy... haha two washers, a dryer, 6-7 bags of trash.. and other assorted crap stuck in the bed.... had the back of the truck squatted with weight.. and still embarassed this choad on his "lifestyle" machine.

    just thought it was kinda funny.

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    Was thinking he was on a bike the whole time till the end lol

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    hmmmmmm, as much as i love rockets and need to get one ASAP!!!!(but dont wanna sell the one i got) Harleys are fast offthe line, Ive got a 01 1200cc buell cyclone and i havent found a guy on a rocket who can beat me 0-60 yet.......once it hits bout 60 its goodnight and im done like dinner........but still theve got very good low end torque.

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    Well at least TrolleyWire and the Harleys met the "equal weight race category" rules . Coulda raced something lighter- but it wouldn't have been a fair race at all.
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    its not like they are dead slow ,,they have crazy torque ,but who cares a 250 GP bike will keep up to around 60k too.

    its not power to weight

    its money to sensibility

    $40,000 tuned harley (fix at least once a week )
    or a $10,000 600cc bike fix once every couple yrs.

    and the harley will stil get spanked

    ive seen full out harley drag bikes that are not street legel by siberian standards getting its ass handed to it by a stock out of the crate busa on a controled 1/4 mile .
    just makes no damn sense to buy one and act like its worth it .If you want a cruiser ,by a metric cruiser stick a busa motor in it and for 20,000 you have a bike that wil eat all commers .

    who uses a 1/2 " wrench nowadays anyway .welcome to the early 90's

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    Those H/D has a lot of low end torque.

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    good story

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    I'm surprised that the bottom end didn't fall out of the Hardley.

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    Or is it the other way around?

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